Online Radio Stations For Kids

Online Radio Stations For Kids

Purpose: Online Radio PRO – for kids, pairs entrepreneurial minded youth with the power of online radio broadcasting. Through this platform our students are able to learn the “business” of broadcasting while experiencing first hand the power of their own voice. Online Radio PRO introduces active and eager youth to the vast array of careers involved in the broadcasting industry, including programming, on air voice talent, advertising, business to business sales, community involvement, promotions, and administrative management.

What’s Involved: Students who are able to obtain their own Online Radio PRO station, via a direct sale or sponsorship, will have access to an online system that simplifies the world of online broadcasting. They will learn how to log into their station, program and manage their station, as well as record and broadcast scheduled shows, which would be aired exclusively on their station.

Distribution: The student radio station will air online via a website link, and its signal will be distributed in over 35 online major outlets, including TuneIn, Shoutcast, Winamp, XiiaLive, and more. The students will also enjoy the benefits of having a radio station mobile app, which will be accessible in many popular app markets including, Google PLAY, iTunes, Amazon, and GoogleTV.

Cost: The online radio station platform has a one time development cost of $349, which includes all applicable hosting, app development, station distribution, and radio station basic training. The monthly fee for broadcasting is $35 a month. ($734 Annual)

Additional (Optional) Costs/Ons:
* Music Licences $29 Set Up/$15 Monthly (500 Listening Hours Per Month)
* Professional Mini Broadcast Recording Kit: $229 (Includes Mini Mixer, Microphone, and Headphones)

Full Station Package Cost w/ License + Broadcast Recording Kit: $1157 (Annual Cost – 1st Year)
Full Station Package Cost w/ License + Broadcast Recording Kit: $928 (Annual Cost – Subsequent Years)

How to get started: Visit to sign up for a student station today or call 1-888-801-1563 and ask to speak to sales team representative.

Please note that this solution does not include the broadcasting server that is needed to transmit a live interactive signal. All broadcasting content for Online Radio PRO for kids must be in a mp3 format for airplay. Full radio station solutions that include all of the features listed above, along with the hardware and equipment needed to full live radio broadcasting can be found online at